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friciton welding

ApplicAtions and processes

KUKA Systems offers solutions for joining, assembly and handling.
Our solutions are based on process technologies that we are constantly improving and optimizing.


Roboter Hemming

flexible Solutions more


There are many good reasons for the automatic application of adhesives and sealants during body-in-white construction and assembly more

Laser Hybrid Welding

KUKA Hybrid Welding combines the advantages of both the laser and arc welding processes more

Laser cutting

3D laser cutting enables very high process speeds and near-perfect cut edges more

Laser welding

Flexible systems for laser welding are innovative production facilities that are characterized by fast process velocities more

Magnetarc welding

The Magnetarc welding process developed by KUKA is a pressure welding process more


Bolting, inserting, clip-fastening, assembling. The range of possible applications for automated more

Spot welding

KUKA Systems implements complete production lines and cell-based solutions for spot welding. more

Friction welding

When it comes to joining individual components quickly, reliably and economically to form an assembly more

Arc welding

No matter what is being welded, all applications have one thing in common: uncompromising process quality. more

Submerged Arc Welding

the fusion welding process with the highest fusing capability more

Press Automation

In the Transpressor, KUKA Systems offers a robot-based solution with unbeatable performance


Soldering is one of the most commonly used joining processes in electrical engineering.


Roller seam welding is a kind of resistance welding and is derived directly from spot welding

Plasma Welding

Materials can be welded together using a plasma jet as the heat source.


Laser brazing results in high-strength joints
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