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Keller und Knappich
The founders: Keller (left) and Knappich

1898 Company founded

Johann Josef Keller *3 Feb 1870

Jakob Knappich *21 May 1866

found the Augsburg-Oberhausen Acetylene Factory for the production of cost-effective domestic and municipal lighting, household appliances and vehicle headlights.

The name KUKA is derived from the initial letters of the company name Keller und Knappich "Augsburg".

Hans Keller, a businessman from Augsburg, and Jakob Knappich, a former factory director in Soden-Salmünster, purchase the former Klöster'sche Reformschultafelfabrik near the Augsburg-Oberhausen railway station. Here the two will set up the Augsburg-Oberhausen acetylene factory to manufacture acetylene equipment and metal goods.

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