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Becoming a data exchange partner

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Support and FAQ

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The close and reliable collaboration with our partners is key to our competitiveness.

The Date Exchange Portal is intended to provide a single entry point for data exchange and establish synergies between all the participating parties in a secure and supportive environment.  

We are looking forward to your joining our data exchange network.

The KUKA Systems Objectives

Our aim is to provide our partners with an opportunity to seamlessly share information and data in a secure environment, regardless of the diversity of the applications used by the participants in-house.  We strive to establish the stable and binding communication channel with our partners in order to reduce complexity of the managed projects by streamlining the supply chain processes.

Communication channel with KUKA Systems

To enable an effective and binding communication between the partners, the KUKA Systems Portal offers access to all the data and information relevant for our suppliers. After having secured a login account for our Portal, you may subscribe to the Portal email service which will keep you informed about data and information updates and news. The frequency of email notifications is not rigid and can be defined in accordance to your needs. The Portal enables an online access to a partner-specific data exchange area where data can be exchanged (down- and upload capabilities) and viewed by the partners.

The Portal can also be used by engineering offices, thus providing a secure and effective exchange of the data maintained outside our PLM system.

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