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Mission statement

Our company mission statement “Smart tools meet smart people” was developed by managers drawn from the entire group, to sum up what identifies the individual KUKA companies. This is how we can achieve “Unity in diversity”, in order to promote our culture and work towards a common goal.

VM Technologie



With its solutions in “Intelligent Robotics” and “Automation”, KUKA is always a step ahead. We are open to new ideas and systematically develop new concepts in a work climate that fosters ideas and improvements.

VM Märkte


KUKA gives its customers throughout the world a decisive edge. At the same time, our actions are informed by sustainability and efficient use of resources, systematically adapted to the requirements, expectations and wishes of our customers.

VM Mitarbeiter


KUKA employees bring passion, creativity, commitment and outstanding expertise to their work. Because if our staff know where we’re heading, feel comfortable in their company and enjoy their work, we will make progress. That’s why KUKA offers professional development opportunities worldwide. Continuing education, work/life balance and health management are important topics for us.

VM Partner


KUKA cooperates with all partners on a basis of trust and dependability. We adhere to all legal requirements and expect our suppliers to do the same. In this way, KUKA ensures sustainable success and creates benefits and added value for all participants



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